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Two dead, one injured in Nicholson

Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office (PRCSO) Chief Investigator Marc Ogden has reported two deaths as a result of gunshots fired in the Nicholson Community.

Ogden said a call came in on Sunday, February 16, 2020, at around 1:30pm from Bennett Apartments Road stating that there had been a shooting. When deputies arrived, they located a white male who was deceased, a white female who was deceased, and another white male who appeared to have multiple gunshot wounds.

The white deceased female was identified as Leslie Ann Bennett, age 66, and the deceased white male was identified as Bryan Scott Kennedy, age 49. The white male with multiple gunshot wounds was identified as Amos Bennett, age 68, and he was the person who placed the call.

He was transported to a local medical facility for what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds according to Ogden.

Ogden said investigators processed the crime scene and the PRCSO is working an open investigation to determine what occurred.



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