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Samuel Hickman Officially Filing for Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District

Contact: Carl Tomasetti

(720) 639-0590

For Immediate Release

Picayune, MS - Samuel Hickman, of Picayune, MS, has officially filed to be on the ballot in Mississippi’s 4th Congressional District Republican Primary on March 10th.

Hickman is the Grandson of a veteran, son of a preacher, and 1 of 11 brothers. Hickman has recently spent two years in Washington D.C., spending a majority of his time working for Congressman Trent Kelly as a Legislative Assistant.

“I’ve had the privilege of working for and learning from one of the better men in D.C. Congressman Kelly does a great job not only representing Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District, but the entire state of Mississippi,” Hickman stated.

Through his time as an LA, Hickman was in charge of the Small Business Committee, contributed to legislation that has since passed the House and is now in the Senate and handled a wide portfolio that included; abortion, Second Amendment Rights, and Immigration.

“I am humbled and honored to announce my candidacy for the fourth Congressional District of Mississippi. For far too long, in elections all across the Nation we have had someone and something to vote against and not something to vote for. It is time we give the people someone to vote for. It’s time we put our best foot forward on the national level, and it’s time we bring new eyes, innovative solutions, and proactive measures to some of the same problems we have always faced here,” said Hickman.

Hickman is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Hickman said, “I am not doing this to be a politician, I am doing this because I am a leader and I want to help lead South Mississippi in the direction we deserve. I am doing this to bring hope to the generations that have come before me that not all young people are falling in line for the socialist agenda. I am doing this to inspire the generations that will come after me that there are things that are worth standing up and fighting for. I am doing this to give South Mississippians someone to vote for.”

Hickman, currently only 24 years of age, will turn 25 this September. If elected, he would make history by being the youngest Congressman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives in the modern era.

“South Mississippi is home, it’s the place I love, it’s where I was raised, it’s where I learned some of life’s most valuable lessons, and it’s the place I will fight for, for the rest of my life. I believe one of our greatest assets here is our people. South Mississippi is a place where southern hospitality isn’t just a punch line but it’s something we live out daily. It is one of the best places to plant roots, grow a business, raise a family and learn some of those same valuable lessons I did and it is time the rest of the Nation know that as well. It would be my honor to have your support in the March 10th Republican Primary.”


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