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Reminder on Driver's License office openings and schedule for residents

Offices for Mississippi’s Department of Motor Vehicles will begin to reopen on June8, 2020 (Monday) with a schedule in place to hopefully alleviate the demand that has been on hold due to offices being closed with the COVID 19 pandemic outbreak.

Road tests for non-commercial drivers are waived until further notice to help reduce the risk of transmission.

There will be no road tests for first-time drivers, minors must submit an affidavit completed by parent or guardian certifying 50 hours of supervised driving time. The affidavit is available on the DPS website.

People will only be allowed to visit stations on the day of the week that corresponds with the first letter of their last name.

Walk-ins can still visit the offices on Wednesday.

The daily schedule for visits per last name is:

Monday: A-E

Tuesday: F-L

Wednesday: Walk-in Wednesday

Thursday: M-S

Friday: T-Z

As an alternative to visiting the offices, Mississippians can access services like renewal and duplicate driver licenses, ID cards, and address changes on the DPS website: .


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