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PRC school system recognizes teachers and administrators of the year

Pearl River County School District teachers of the year and administrators of the year were recognized at yesterday’s meeting of the school board of trustees.

Hodge, Kellar, and Jarrell

The teachers of the year were Ms. Kerry Jarrell of the PRC Elementary School, Priscilla Flanagan of the PRC Middle School, Eli Kellar from the Endeavor School, and Ms. Megan Hodge of the PRC High School. Hodge was also chosen the District Teacher of the Year.

Graham, Alford, and Alexander

The administrator of the year was PRC Middle School principal Austin Alexander. Ms. Kimberly Alford and Hank Graham were recognized as Directors of the Year.

In regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19 , Superintendent Alan Lumpkin stated at the meeting that at this time “There is no recommended closings at this time and the situation is a very fluid situation,"

Today (Friday) at 7:30 a.m., a faculty meeting was scheduled at the PRC schools to discuss the current situation in regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19.



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