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Pearl River County 2020 General Election vote summary

Voter turnout in Pearl River County for the 2020 General Election was 67 percent (67.47%) with 23,761 votes cast out of 35,217 registered voters. On Tuesday, 19,377 votes were cast and those that voted via absentee totaled 4,384 according to numbers released late Wednesday afternoon by Circuit Clerk Nance Fitzpatrick-Stokes.

In the Presidential race, Donald Trump received 19,283 (81.5%) while Joe Biden had 4,068 (17%) of the total votes cast.

In the United States Senate race, Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith garnered 17,541 (75%) to Democratic challenger Mike Espy total of 4,954 (21%).

Voters who wanted either Initiative 65 or 65A (allow one of the two initiatives for Medical Marijuana) totaled 13,888 (63%) to those who did not want either option with a vote total of 8,041 (37%). Medical Marijuana Initiative 65 received 12,191 votes (67%) compared to 6,061 (33%) for Initiative 65A. On the state level, the numbers for 65A were at 74 percent.

Statewide Ballot Issue 2 which stated that in any statewide office race, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes in the general election. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, then a runoff election shall be held as provided by general law. The requirement of receiving the most votes in a majority of Mississippi House of Representative’s districts is removed.

This passed statewide and in Pearl River County the vote was 16,849 (76%) in favor of the change with 5,321 (24%) voting against the change.

Statewide Ballot Issue 3 (House Bill 1796 - Flag Referendum) received 13,458 votes (58%) for the new flag to 9,609 (42%) voting no to the proposed flag in Pearl River County. Statewide, the flag received a 72 percent approval vote.



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