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Officer bitten by suspect on I-59 during traffic stop

Picayune Assistant Police Chief James Bolton provided details of an incident that resulted in a patrol officer being bitten by suspect.

Bolton stated that on September 12, just after midnight, an officer with the Picayune Police Department conducted a traffic stop on a blue Dodge pickup traveling northbound on I-59 just north of Exit 1 after the vehicle was being operated in a careless manner.

On contact with the driver, later identified as Wilmer Josue Pavon- Hercules, age 40, of 105 Magnolia Drive, Picayune, the officer detected the odor of an intoxicating beverage on his person and breath. The officer believed the subject to be impaired and contacted the Pearl River County Sheriffs Officer DUI Enforcement Officer to come to the location for assistance. The Sheriff’s DUI Enforcement Officer arrived on scene and attempted to communicate with Hercules.

The officers could not communicate with Hercules due to a language barrier. The officers contacted an interpreter and were able to speak with Hercules at this point. Hercules refused to comply with the officers’ request for the tests to determine impairment. The officers then attempted to take Hercules into custody for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. At this time, Hercules attempted to flee from the officers into the travel lanes of the interstate.

Officers were able to restrain Hercules and keep him from running into the roadway. When the officers were in the process of restraining Hercules, he bit the Picayune officer and grabbed the Pearl River County Sheriffs Office Deputy in an attempt to get free. Hercules was tased using the X-26 Taser and then the officers were able to restrain him.

Hercules was then transported to Highland Community hospital where he received medical attention for minor injuries.

Hercules was then charged for Simple Assault of a Police Officer (Felony), Resisting Arrest, Careless Driving, No Drivers License, and No Insurance. Hercules was additionally charged with other crimes by the Pearl River County Sheriffs Office. Hercules was transported to the Pearl River County Jail in Millard where he was booked and incarcerated in the jail for above charges.



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