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Make sure your voice is heard – vote!

Today’s election goes beyond who will be president of the United States. Your vote is your voice on issues affecting many day to day decisions that will shape our immediate and long term future.

Elections have consequences. You have the power to decide on the quality of life you want for yourself and future generations. Voting is your chance to stand up for the issues you care about This is your life: take the time to help decide what’s best.

Not voting is giving up your voice. Elections are decided by the people who go out and vote. Hopefully you have taken some time to learn about the measures and the candidates. If you don’t vote, someone else will make the decision for you. Your power is in your vote.

It's your money. You pay taxes, but do you know how that money is being used? Most people don’t. Voting is your chance to choose how your tax dollars are spent.

Voting is an opportunity for to have your voice heard on what you believe is best for the direction of your country, your state, your money.

The community depends on you! Our communities are made up of friends, loved ones, neighbors, and children. Some may not know how important voting is, while others don’t have the privilege. Make the decision to vote for yourself and those around you.

Make sure your voice is heard – vote!



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