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Kratom: Supervisors hear from both sides of the aisle

Kratom: Should the county implement a ban on the product or continue to allow its use with regulations as suggested by Mac Haddow with the American Kratom Association recommended to the board? That was the question that was discussed and debated for approximately ninety minutes as part of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors.

The supervisors are in the process of performing their due diligence before voting on an ordinance that could possibly ban Kratom county-wide, impose restrictions on access to Kratom, or other language in an effort to slow the rate in which Kratom related products are being used in Pearl River County.

The board was provided a detailed presentation from Haddow, who stated that the Board of Supervisors should not ban Kratom, but instead should do the following:

· No adulterated Kratom products can be sold in Pearl River County

· No synthetic Kratom alkaloids

· No Kratom extract with residual solvents higher than allowed by USP 467 for food products

· No Kratom containing a 7-Hydroxymitragynine in the alkaloid fraction greater than 2 percent of the overall alkaloid composition of the product

· No Kratom product that is not labeled with ingredients and directions for use- and no illegal therapeutic claims

· No sales to minors under the age of 18

After the presentation, the board expressed their concerns about Kratom and allowed those present at the meeting in support of a ban, and those opposing a ban to speak.

Board member Hudson Holliday, Supervisor for District 3, said he is concerned that young people can walk into a store and purchase Kratom without any restrictions. He said he can see young people’s curiosity prompting them to make a purchase, leave the store, use Kratom, and not be aware of the possible outcome.

Board member Malcolm Perry, District 2 Supervisor, questioned how the county law enforcement would be able to inspect Kratom on the shelves to be pure and unadulterated.

Board Attorney Joe Montgomery question what the expense to monitor and enforce an ordinance allowing Kratom would be for the county and also shared Perry’s concern about the process for inspection.

Sheriff David Allison told the board he was for a ban of Kratom in Pearl River County and he had been told the leadership in the cities of Poplarville, and Picayune they would support such an ordinance if put in place.

The board has not yet adopted an ordinance, but is actively working with Mr. Montgomery on drafting one for a vote.

Click Here ---> Program Archives and you can listen to the entire discussion.


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