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COVID-19 Testing Facility could be coming to Pearl River County this week

During Monday's meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, Danny Manley, Director of Emergency Management for the county, told the board there could be a COVID-19 testing facility in Pearl River County as soon as Thursday of this week.

Manley is working on the location of the facility, which he said will consist of a tent and 45 people to man the testing operation. This facility will be setup and ran by the Mississippi Department of Health according to Manley.

Manley said the process will begin when an individual who believes they have the symptoms of the Coronavirus downloads an app on their smart phone. Once installed, the individual will be directed to correspond with medical personnel via a tele-med (phone). An assessment will be made with a medical professional on the tele-med call and based on that assessment indicating the individual may have the virus, an appointment for the individual to drive to the testing facility will be scheduled and the individual will be ‘swabbed’ when they arrive in their vehicle.

Manley is working with county and city officials on a location to have the clinic deployed.



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