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City of Picayune 'You Are Here' signs in place to define 'to go cup' alcohol areas

Michael Williams - WRJW News

During the miscellaneous council members discussion portion of Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, councilman Frank Ford asked for the media’s help in getting out the word on the new leisure district in downtown Picayune.

The leisure district allows for legal adults to purchase alcoholic beverages from businesses in the district and legally walk the area during certain events and times while carrying alcoholic beverages in a " to go cup". Councilman Ford wants to emphasize that the ordinance only applies to pedestrians and not operators or passengers within vehicles, and the newly legalized golf carts.

Public Works Director Eric Morris said that the city has erected 36 "You are Here" signs throughout the leisure district to pinpoint your location and to also show the boarders of the district.

Maroon lines are painted across intersections throughout downtown to inform pedestrians when they enter and exit the boundaries of the leisure district. Other new signs citizens will now notice are the "Share the Road" signs with a picture of a golf cart on them.



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