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City Council hears update on suit vs Landry Lewis Germany


Attorneys for the City of Picayune came before the City Council during last night’s meeting to inform the council on the outcome of the appeal in the lawsuit of the City of Picayune vs Landry Lewis Germany Architects. The original lawsuit was about construction issues found during work being done at City Hall. Landry and Lewis appealed the case on the grounds of jury selection, when it was discovered that a family member of a sitting council person was chosen.

A judgement was rendered against the City of Picayune in the amount of $210,000 dollars. The City appealed that judgement, and the case was moved up to the Mississippi Supreme Court. The Supreme Court found that the City was not negligent in the case and reversed the lower court's decision, releasing the City of Picayune of any obligation.

The original judgement in the case went in Landry Lewis’ favor on the basis that Lorenzo Breland, the son of Picayune City councilman Larry Breland had served on the jury.

Attorneys for Landry Lewis Germany reserve the right to ask the Supreme Court to reverse their decision within the next 14 days.



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