Operation "Pay to Play" nets six more arrests for Procuring Prostitution

The ongoing undercover investigation by the Picayune Police Operation dubbed as operation "Pay to Play” netted six more arrests for Procuring Prostitution charges according to Picayune Assistant Police Chief Dustin Moeller.

When this operation started in mid October, Asst Chief Moeller said his department had received multiple complaints about this kind of activity taking place at local motels in the city. Moeller stated there are many spinoff and related crimes surrounding prostitution.

“Prostitution, in most cases, has a direct link to illegal narcotics, firearms, and human trafficking which is becoming a nationwide problem. Statistics from the FBI show that prostitution is the third on the list of the most lucrative and profitable crimes behind drugs and firearms trafficking,“ Moeller said.

Arrested and charged with Procuring Prostitution were:

Jason D. Bruskotter, age 46, 59408 Transmitter Road, Lacombe, LA

Curtis Donald Glidersleeve, age 45, 2255 Howell Ave, Mobile, AL

Kainan McAllister, age 46, 18056 Holly Ridge Drive, Hammond, LA

Nathan Kent McKenzie, age 61, 108 Hwy 590, Seminary, MS

William C. Couture, age 60, 147 Windsong, Pearl River, LA

Tomas Lagunes Tepixtle, age 39, 118 Colgert Road, Belle Chasse, LA

Custody of Tepixtle was was turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement after it was determined that he was in the country illegally.