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Pearl River County Utility Authority to impose fines

The Pearl River County Utility Authority (PRCUA) is going to add some bite to the way it enforces theft and unmetered water and sewer utility usage.

During their board meeting on Thursday, November 21, a resolution was proposed to the board to allow a $500 fine to be imposed upon consumers who willfully steal water by cutting off locks on water meters due to non-payment. In some cases, people attempt to get free water by cutting the water lines to the meter and installing a pipe to bypass the meter.

Not only do offenders damage or destroy PRCUA equipment, but they cost taxpayers man-hours to repair or replace equipment in order to restore legitimate service. Executive Director Cliff Diamond has seen an increase in water theft which warranted the fine and he hopes it deters repeat and new offenders.

The resolution, which was presented to the board, passed unanimously.


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