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Supervisors concerned about camper sewerage disposal

During yesterday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, Board Vice President and District 3 Supervisor Hudson Holliday raised concerns about camper trailers being placed on properties with the absence of permanent sewer service hooked to the camper.

Code Enforcement Officer Kolby Davis told the board that he has found many situations where it appears those occupying the campers are dumping their sewer water within 200 yards of a camper where he cannot see it. Davis said he finds a lot of grey water (water from sinks and showers) being dumped and reports it to the state health department, but according to the Health Department this discharge of water is not a concern. Davis said that he basically has been told by the Health Department they have “bigger fish to fry”.

Holliday stated, “Apparently the state (health department) has all of these rules and regulations, but they are not helping us enforce them. We are trying to clean the county up, and that’s our job. Seems to me if the Health Department’s not going to do it, then we need to do it.”

Later in the meeting, Cliff Diamond of the Pearl River County Utility Authority spoke to the board and explained that it is not within the scope of PRCUA to enforce the displacement of sewer from the campers. Diamond told the board he was unaware of this problem with campers. He said he agrees this is a health department issue, but he is willing to do what he can to help the board with the situation where he can.

Also during the meeting, Chancery Clerk Melinda Bowman addressed the board and voiced her dissatisfaction with the millwork performed for her office space in the new courthouse annex building.

Bowman said the counter work areas where her employees will service county residents was not built at a standard 30 inches high, but at 34 inches high. Additionally, Bowman said the cabinet and drawers she had discussed with the architectural firm were not built. She stated that she wanted to know who signed off on the millwork design and layout. Bowman also stated that she is not happy with the work of the architectural firm.

Board attorney Joe Montgomery asked Bowman if there was anything in writing between her and the architectural firm and Bowman said she did not have that. Montgomery said that in his view of the situation, the board should look at options to correct the situation and see what the cost of the corrections will cost the county.

After a lengthy discussion, the board stated they will get options to make the corrections to the counters and related millwork including the complete redo of the work if needed to make it fit the needs of Bowman’s office staff.


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