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Twenty-four arrests made for procuring prostitution in operation "Pay to Play"

A month long undercover investigation by the Picayune Police Operation dubbed as operation "Pay to Play” netted twenty-four arrests for Procuring Prostitution and multiple drug related charges according to Picayune Assistant Police Chief Dustin Moeller.

Moeller said his department had received multiple complaints about this kind of activity taking place at local motels in the city. Moeller stated there are many spinoff and related crimes surrounding prostitution.

“Prostitution, in most cases, has a direct link to illegal narcotics, firearms, and human trafficking which is becoming a nationwide problem. Statistics from the FBI show that prostitution is the third on the list of the most lucrative and profitable crimes behind drugs and firearms trafficking,“ Moeller said.

Moeller said that prostitutes have a high mortality rate as well which was another reason, along with the complaints, to put this operation in motion.

Moeller declined to give details of how the police department was able to carry out the operation as they plan to use the same tactics in this operation moving forward. He said operation "Pay to Play” is ongoing. Moeller said of the twenty-four arrests, those arrested were agreeing to pay for sex with money, drugs, and firearms.

Moeller said some of those arrested were asking for sex with men, women, or children. One of those arrested was a locally registered sex offender according to Moeller.

Moeller added, “Because of the direct link that prostitution has with the illegal drugs and firearms, it makes one wonder what the intention was of the arrested suspects with the prostitutes. In this situation, it appears that it would not take much for someone involved in this activity to become a victim of rape, kidnapping, trafficking, and murder.”

Moeller said this operation was a joint effort between multiple diivisions of the Picayune Police Department and commended the efforts and professionalism of those involved in carrying out this operation.

Those arrested are listed below. Note, all were charged with Procuring Prostitution and the first five on the list were also charged with illegal narcotic related charges.

Shannon Charles House, age 46, 1152 Henleyfield McNeill Road, Carriere, MS

Gordon Richard Howard, age 65, 6168 West Kemper Strieet, Bay St Louis, MS

Mickey Lee Eaton, age 41, 1625 Martin Bluff, Gautier, MS

Slade Hiram Smith, age 24, 48 Wolf Ridge Lane, Poplarville, MS282

Anthony Orlando Wright, Jr., age 31,1340 Reynes Street, New Orleans, LA

Rafael Mendez Falla, age 62, Big Lake Road Apt 22, Biloxi, MS

Shelby Lynn Peoples, age 53, 42 Magnolia Drive, Picayune, MS

Darren Ken Frame, age 48, 14 Vicki Lane, Picayune,MS

Michael Clayborne Creekmore, age 43, 104 Oyster Catcher Cove, Ocean Springs, MS

Gavin Michael Sanchez, age 34, 32 Cove Lake Road, Carriere, MS

Terry Joseph Knope, age 70, 19305 North Shaw Road, Saucier, MS

Charlie Virgil Alexander, age 50, 300 Beasley Alexander Road, Carriere, MS

Frank Robinson McCreary, age 37, 10350 English Manner Road, Gulfport, MS

Richard Douglas Pyke, age 48, 583 Burgetown Road, Carriere, MS

Norman Carlyle Selvog, age 74, 17223 Bomb Ridge, D’Iberville, MS

Lionel Henry Morales, Jr, age 63, 37 Green Meadow Place, Picayune, MS

Daniel Ray Collins, age 35, 26349 Wolf Creek Road, Kiln, MS

James Edward Jenkins, age 57, 25021 Katie Drive, Picayune, MS

Anthony Henry Debarbieris, age 49, 1617 Barrymore Street, Slidell, LA

Long Thanh Nguyen, age 27, 357 Wingate Drive, Baton Rouge, LA

Joshua Patrick Finnegan, age 37, 544 Baker Road, Purvis, MS

Rene Marshal Richard, age 53, 24053 Sanders Road, Covington, LA

Michael James Fillibeck, age 20, 18649 Reese Drive, Saucier, MS

Jonathan Alvin Thomas, age 46, 809 Cow Circle, Waveland, MS


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