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Former Pearl River County Deputy Tax Collector indicted for embezzlement

During the September 18, 2019, meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, Troy Nelson, who owns property located at 102 Jolly Roger Point, Carriere, MS, addressed the board about a problem he had while paying his taxes on his property.

Nelson told the board of his problems with paying of the taxes and was asking for a refund of over $4,000. Nelson said that when he had paid his 2017 taxes on April 24, 2018, he received what he believed was a receipt for his cash payment of $3,538.05. However, the paper he received from the employee at the tax collector office desk was a screen shot from the tax collection system.

At the time in 2018, Nelson was unaware that this was not a receipt, but when he received a notice months later that his property had been sold in a tax sale, he returned the tax office to show his receipt for paying those taxes. Nelson was told that his taxes had not been paid and what he had in his possession was not a valid receipt and that he should not have the screen shot he had that he referred to as his receipt.

Nelson had to pay over $4,000, which according to Nelson was the amount he had paid earlier plus late fees and interest when he was told he did not have an official receipt.

Since that time in 2018, an investigation by Special Agents from Mississippi Auditor Shad White’s office was launched and on Thursday (October 3, 2019) former Pearl River County Deputy Tax Collector Stacy Treadaway was indicted for embezzlement by a grand jury assembled by District Attorney Hal Kittrell. She was also issued a formal demand worth $15,470.88 at the time of her arrest. The demand amount includes interest and investigative costs.

Treadaway is accused of manipulating computer software to embezzle public funds by voiding transactions when vehicle license tags and property taxes were paid with cash at the tax collector’s office. Investigators suspect Treadaway illegally voided over $7,000 from November 2017 to June 2018.

Treadaway was arrested, transported to the Pearl River County jail, and then released from custody after posting a $7,000.00 bond. If convicted, she faces up to 10 years in the state penitentiary and up to $25,000 in fines.

If convicted, she faces up to ten years in state prison and up to $25,000 in fines. Her case will be prosecuted by District Attorney Hal Kittrell’s office.

According to sources, a $50,000 surety bond does cover Treadaway’s employment at the Pearl River County Tax Collector’s office. A surety bond is like insurance designed to protect taxpayers from corruption.


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