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City Council honors J.P. Burns; hears feedback from bright minds

Tuesday's meeting of the Picayune city council opened with a moment of silence for Mr. J.P. Burns Jr, the former Picayune City Manager and Picayune Citizen of the Year for 2018, who passed away September 17th. The Picayune native served in the Army National Guard for 41 years. Burns was a constant presence at City Council and School Board meetings and active in many charitable clubs. A reserved chair with a folded American Flag was placed in his honor in his usual spot in council chambers.

Some very bright minds from area high schools enlightened Mayor Pinero and members of city council on what the city’s youth consider to be important issues they face living in Picayune. The Greater Picayune Area Chamber of Commerce recently held a Student Leadership Summit, consisting of students from Picayune Memorial and Pearl River Central High Schools. The day-long meeting of the minds at Margaret Reed Crosby Memorial Library included 15 gifted students who participated in the summit and discussed topics that highlighted areas that the City of Picayune should consider improving in order to keep young adults here and inspire others to move to the city.

Four main areas were at the forefront of the talks, industry, appearance, education, and activities. The students felt improvement in these areas would allow for the creation of more jobs and increase the area’s attractiveness for future industry. The group also wants to find a way to equip students with laptop computers to use at both school and home. The students felt that their recommendations could improve the city as a whole and hoped to keep having these conversations.

Children and parents need to get ready to put on their costumes and join in the fun for Trick or Treating at the Crosby Commons. The council approved Christy Goss’ request for the city to hold a "Trick or Treat Trail" at Crosby Commons as a safe way for children to get their treats for Halloween.

Businesses, clubs, and churches are invited to set up booths for the kids to visit along the walking track at the park. Admission is free and will be held Thursday October 31st from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Crosby Commons on Goodyear Boulevard.


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