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PRC School Board responds to state survey

Carriere--Gun control is the lead story on network news and in most political candidates speeches. Pearl River County Schools are looking for faculty to not only control guns; but know how to use them.

During the regular meeting of the Board of Education of Pearl River County, members voiced their opinion, and their votes, for many hot topics for the upcoming legislative session. Every school board in Mississippi received a survey from the Mississippi School Board Association asking them to give their "Yeas and Nays" on a variety of subjects important to the school systems to be used as part of the association agenda to be provided to state legislators.

One major point of interest would be legislation allowing properly trained school employees to carry a concealed weapon on school premises. With no discussion on the matter from members of the board they called for a vote. With 4 members in support and one in opposition the subject passed and was placed on the survey. Board members in favor of trained employees having weapons on school grounds were, District 5 Board President Elaine Voss, District 1 Mrs. Christian Burge, District 3 Mrs. Natalie Glorioso, District 4 Jeff Jones, and in opposition, District 2 member Larry Frazier.

Over 20 different issues ranging from teacher pay raises to state funding for Early Head Start and Kindergarten were discussed, and the votes on each will be tallied and will be sent to the state capitol for legislators to see where every school district in the state of Mississippi stands on these topics.

The board approved the resignation of Melissa Holston, Assistant Superintendent, in conjuction with her retirement effective September 30, 2019. Holston has served the district in different capacities in the classroom and in administration for 28 years.

The board voted to borrow up to $3.9 million to complete bond construction projects of which they are awaiting final cost estimates from the contractors.

The board also approved the Instructional Leadership supplement in the amount of $500.00 for teachers who qualified for this award: Neighliegh Chastain, Elizabeth Zeringue, Connie Gore, Michelle Meitzler, Christine Spiers, Joseph Goss, Brandy Gill, Sharon Kelly, Roxie Lee, Chayna Adams, Megan Hodge, Melynda Moseley, Kim Cufr, Ronald Hazlewood, Quentin McCardle, Marsha Moore, Laura Stupack, Rebecca Graham, Tracy Stockstill, Amanda McDaniel, Cristi Spencer, Kerry Jarrell, and Breanna Hoelzel.


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