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Digging leads to seizure of $36,000 in cash related to previous arrest

Agents with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Pearl River County Road Department, and deputies with the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office Patrol and Narcotics executed a search warrant at 286 White Sand Road, Poplarville, MS, on August 15, 2019, according to Pearl County Sheriff David Allison.

Sheriff Allison said that investigators and agents executed the search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation into the trafficking of methamphetamine by Brian Loberto Travis, age 39, of 286 White Sand Road, Poplarville, MS (pictured below), who was arrested on July 16, 2019, after agents and investigators recovered approximately 20 pounds of crystal methamphetamine. (link to previous coverage)

The continued investigation discovered that after Travis’ arrest in July, a large amount of U.S. currency was concealed inside and outside of Travis’ mother’s residence at 286 White Sands Road, Poplarville, MS, according to Sheriff Allison.

During the search on August 15, 2019, investigators and agents located approximately $36,000 from within and outside of the residence. Over $6,000 was discovered in the residence and the remainder of the currency (just under $30,000) was found in the backyard of the residence.

Sheriff Allison stated that the Road Department brought a small track hoe to dig up specific areas of the backyard the law enforcement personnel wanted to excavate in search of the currency. When investigators, agents, and Road Department personnel arrived on the scene, they observed evidence that people had been in the backyard with shovels trying to located the money.

During the digging by the Road Department, they located the money in the ground packaged in several plastic bags.

Allison said that agents and investigators believe that the currency was derived from the sale of a controlled substance and it was seized for asset forfeitures.

Sheriff Allison would thank the Pearl River County Road Department and the DEA for their assistance in executing the search warrant.

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