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Picayune School Board of Trustees recognizes contributions of citizens and employee

The Picayune School Board of Trustees met on Tuesday afternoon and recognized some local citizens and employees for their contributions in helping get the school off to a great start.

Superintendent Dean Shaw recognized Mr. Geri “Grubby” Grubbs (employee of Pearl River County Tax Assessor/Collector office and public address announcer for Maroon Tide football), Mr. Donnie Pascal (Diamond Productions owner/operator) , and Reverend Dr. Josh Braddy (Pastor of New Palestine Baptist Church) for their efforts for a “Back to School” event held at the district.

L-R: Board members Frank Ford and Josh Robertson, Donnie Pascal, Lorenzo Breland, Geri Grubbs, Dr. Josh Braddy, board members David Mooneyhan and Edward Stubbs.

“It was special for what these three guys did on that day. Brother Josh brought a great message like always, Donnie helped by bringing in one of his video screens and he took all day and was there late taking it down, and Grubby always does a great job when he’s involved. I just wanted to say a special thank you to you guys for helping us get off to a good start.”

Board President Frank Ford added, “I’m here to tell you that if you were in that meeting and you were not touched, you don’t have a heart.”

Mr. Shaw also thanked Maroon Tide Assistant Football Coach Lorenzo Breland and his family including his father Larry, his mother Brenda, and his Aunt Dorothy.

Coach Breland, a Picayune alumnus, has provided a school supply program to the district for nine years, seven of those years before he moved back to Picayune when he joined the Maroon Tide football coaching staff.

Shaw said Lorenzo provided around 120 book bags full of school supplies.

“It means so much for you to come back and give back so much to our community. I know our families and students are excited about what you have been doing with the school supply giveaway.” Shaw stated.

Breland added, “I know when kids see me, they automatically think football, but I want them to see the academic side as well. A lot of people in the community support it and we’ll get ready for year ten.”

Also at the meeting, District Finance Director Lisa Persick said the school system will decreased their Ad Valorem Tax request by $158,000 for the coming year.

The board approved a grant from a federally funded Child Nutrition Program that will provide fresh fruit and vegetables three days per week during the school year. The goal of the program is to get students to eat more healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables instead of other non-healthy foods.


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