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Council hears update on possible recycling cost increase

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune City Council, Coastal Environmental Services’ (CES) Gus Bordelon provided information to the council that implied a 46 cent per household monthly increase.

Bordelon explained that the cost of processing recycled waste has increased. He told the board that in analyzing the situation, the cost has increased in part because of President Trump’s policy on tariffs on China. According to Bordelon, China was one of the largest buyers of recycled goods from the United States.

Gus Bordelon of CES discussion recycling with Councilman Wayne Gouget

Bordelon said that he is discussing the possibility of working F.V. Recycling in Sumrall which appears to be a cost reduction for CES. That reduction along with a 46 cent increase, will help CES have a better position in being able to continue recycling. CES took over the city of Picayune’s waste collection approximately a year ago.

Bordelon said that the city of Picayune may have to decide on whether to stop the recycling program and look at other avenues Bordelon said that of the 4,188 homes in Picayune, roughly 39 percent are participating in the recycling program.

Since Bordelon brought the proposal to the council for discussion purposes only, the council did not vote on a rate increase.


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