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Pearl River County Board of Supervisors meeting update

The Pearl River County Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday in Poplarville.

During the meeting, County Engineer Les Dungan asked the board to approve a Federal Lands Access Program Consultant Engineering Contract for the bridge at Walkiah Bluff awaiting repairs. Dungan said the county had applied for federal funding to repair the bridge and this contract was what the county was waiting on to get started. He noted that this bridge is a one way in, one way out roadway and will require a diversion on the north side to be put in place during the construction.

County Administrator Adrain Lumpkin, District 5th/Board President Sandy Kane Smith, Board Attorney Joe Montgomery enjoy a moment of laughter during Wednesday's meeting

Dungan informed the board that he had received from the state the joint letter of acceptance and board order for two projects and ask the board to sign it for the two bridges rehabilitated on Progress-Silver Run Road and the bridge on Harry Sones Road.

Dungan said the contractor for the work on the bridge on Shenandoah Road had agreed to a price of $9,000.00 for the temporary pilings for the diversion bridge which Dungan felt was a great price.

In regards to the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Funding projects approved in January, Dungan said the memorandum of agreement was mailed by the state and he is anticipating to receive it very soon. Once received, he will begin to prepare bid packages and advertise the work. The approved projects are: Progress ‐ Silver Run Road -- $1.16 million; McNeill Steephollow Road $876,250; McNeill McHenry Road $613,750; Troy Dedeaux Road $447,625.

Road Manager Charlie Schielder asked the board to accept a low bid in the amount of $10,572.00 for two pipes (60 inches in diameter and 50 feet long) for Cecil Smith Road repairs where the road had caved in. The county will install the pipes.

The board voted to officially move the District 5 precinct at Sycamore Baptist Church to Harvest Barn Church located at 201 George Mitchell Road, Carriere, MS. Circuit Clerk Nance Stokes asked the board to make the move official (in the minutes) in order to allow her office to mail out new voter registration cards to those residents impacted by the change of location for the voting precinct.

Stokes asked the Supervisors for a workshop with herself, the election commissioners, and the supervisors to review the data received from the ADA surveys so her office can then file their grant application for funding for ADA related needs.

Also during the meeting, District One Supervisor Donald Hart (left in picture) presented a check in the amount of $500.00 from the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District to Reverend Jimmy Richardson of the Pearl River County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to be used for educational opportunities.


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