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Legendary Fire Chief Bobby Robbins to leave post at Nicholson VFD in January

During Wednesday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, the board accepted the resignation of Bobby Robbins, fire chief for the Nicholson Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), to become effective on January 7, 2019. Robbins has served Nicholson VFD for over 40 years and took time to thank the current board and others for their help and cooperation during his tenure.

“It’s been a heck of a ride. I started this bus ride in 1974. I want to thank all you people, the board sitting and the one behind them. I’ve never worked with a bad board of supervisors since 1975 and that goes back to Mr. A.W. Stockstill. I appreciate everything the board has ever done for me. I never asked the board for something I didn’t get. Someone asked me ‘how do you get what you want from the Board of Supervisors?’. Number one, I don’t ever ask for anything they can’t give me. Number two, I've got to show them why I need it when I ask for it,” Robbins told the board.

Bobby Robbins (standing) thanks the board for their support

Robbins also thanked Danny Manley (Emergency Management Director and Fire Services Coordinator), Cindy Lee (Board Secretary), and Adrain Lumpkin (County Administrator) for their help throughout the years.

District 4 Supervisor Farron Moeller said “There will never be another like you.” Robbins jokingly responded “I hope not.”

Lumpkin responded, “I can address that issue. There needs to be some more like you. ”

Robbins told the board the Nicholson VFD does not have any outstanding debt and recently purchased a new fire truck and he thanked Manley for his assistance for that and many other items.

Manley stated that his career was impacted by Robbins many years ago when he (Manley) was a young firefighter in Picayune. Manley recalled hearing Robbins respond on the radio to someone telling him to hurry up and get to a fire because a house was fully engulfed. Manley said Robbins said, “I didn’t start that fire and I’ll get there when I can.”

Manley said Robbins taught him the importance of personal responsibility for his equipment, lives around him, and staying calm while responding to calls because ultimately the role of a fireman was to make a situation better.

Robbins will continue to serve Pearl River County as Park Manager for Walkiah Bluff Water Park.


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