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Tax sale notice mail-out may have redemption date truncated

If you recently received a tax sale notice on your property from Pearl River County Chancery Clerk Melinda Bowman, you might have received a card that appeared to be alarming when you first read it. The problem, Bowman explained, occurred when the contractor, who produced the mail-out for the county, had a problem with their software that created the form.

Bowman said, “The contractor’s software that produced the printout on the perforated card stock accidentally truncated parts of the explanation which stated the date of which the redemption of the tax sale should be made on or before. We apologize for this inconvenience and the confusion it may have caused a residents because the redemption date was omitted due to the truncation of the characters on the next line. The date is August 27, 2020, not October 1, 2018, as some who received the incorrect mail-out notice may have thought.”

Below is an example of what the form should contain (ownership info redacted).

Below is an example of what the incorrect form looked like. (ownership info redacted).

Bowman said her office had contracted for approximately 2,000 of the notices to be sent out, but the vendor is not sure how many of the notices were truncated. She said the vendor has agreed to either resend those impacted with the truncation of the last sentence (if they can identify only those) or they will resend the entire list again.

Bowman also wants to remind those receiving the notices that each month they wait to pay the taxes due, the amount increases by 1.5 % per month on the first day of each month.

Bowman said that anyone who received a notice and needs an explanation should call her office at 601-403-2300 or 601-749-7700.


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