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PMHS Volleyball team makes history; fundraiser tournaments set for October 6th

Picayune Memorial High School added volleyball to its sports lineup this year and the team has steadily improved in their first year of competition.

On Tuesday night (Sept 25th), Picayune swept Stone High to earn its first home match win. Picayune's ladies won the sets by scores of 26-24, 25-21, and 25-13.

The roster for Picayune is: -2 Bailey Craft Fr. -4 Alexis Hansen Fr. -5 Lexie Melton So. -6 Ryleigh Craft Fr. -7 Keila Harris Jr. -8 Kyla Harris Jr. -9 Kaitlyn Williams So. -10 Jolene Beck Fr. -11 Carolyne Ouder Sr. -12 Sarah Stockstill So. -13 Aliciana Carter Jr. -14 Holly Falls So. -16 Dasianae Stines Fr. -17 Makenna Williams 8th -18 Candis Murray Jr. -19 Ariel Goynes Fr. -20 Kyra Hathorne So. -21 Kallie Hunt So. -22 Kaila Harris Sr. -24 Abby May So. -26 Jordyn Hall Jr. The team is coached by Head Coach Courtney Dickens and Assistant Coach Hillary Dickens.

The team has a fundraiser scheduled to give the public a chance to enjoy some fun and competitive volleyball, meet the historic first ever ladies team, and help raise funds to support the upstart team (details are below after pictures).

Photos courtesy of DeAnna Hunt Photography

Kallie Hunt (21) returns a shot against Stone

Kyla Hathorne (20) with a spike and Aliciana Carter (13) unleashes a shot

The event, a Co-ed and Men’s Volleyball Tournament, will be held at Picayune Memorial High School Kelly Wise Gym, located at 800 5th Ave, Picayune, on Saturday, October 6th. Starting times for the tournament will be during the morning with exact times to be announced as teams are registered.

The Co-ed tournament will play first, followed by the Men’s tournament.

Co-ed teams must have a minimum of 6 players with a minimum of 3 ladies on the court at all times. Games will be play to a score of 25 and teams must win by 2 points.

Men’s teams must have a minimum of 5 players and no more than 5 men on the court at a time. Play to 25 and must win by 2. Cost is $100 per team.

Rosters must be turned in before tournament.

Each person will be allowed to play on only ONE team.

Concessions will be available.

Call 601-347-9381 for more information.


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