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Local Pastors Unite To Fight Racism

The state of racism in the United States has been a hotly debated topic for some time now. With NFL protests and cries of police brutality, it shows no signs of slowing down. However, while many cities across the country have had bouts with racial tensions, a group of Picayune pastors believes it doesn’t have to be the case here.

This Saturday night at 7:00 pm at Crosby Commons, a group of more than 15 pastors is coming together to host an event aimed at healing racial tensions and uniting churches of all races through a powerful story of love and forgiveness. The event is called Prophetic Transformation, and it is headlined by two gentlemen named Matt Lockett and Will Ford.

Though Lockett, a white man, and Ford, a black man, only met in 2008, they soon found out that their history extended much further.

Lockett and Ford both worked in Christian ministry together, contending for revival and prayer in the US. As a descendant of slaves in Louisiana, Ford often traveled to churches speaking on the necessity of inner healing and church unity. He would sometimes visit his friend Matt Lockett and speak to his ministry base. However, the nature of their relationship all changed in 2013 when they made an astounding discovery.

After a year and a half of research into Lockett’s family history, it was discovered that his ancestors owned slave plantations in Louisiana, one of which contained a family of ‘Fords’ that used to be ‘Locketts’. You read that correctly. Matt’s family owned Will’s family.

The two are set to share their story in its entirety on Saturday night, and many believe this to be a worthwhile event.

“With all the division in our nation and even in our churches, we want to show a unified effort, cause there’s only one race” said Pastor and County Supervisor Donald Hart. He added that, “There’s power in prayer, and there’s been walls of mistrust built up in people’s minds, but we believe God can tear them down.”

Pastor Vernon Robinson also commented that, “If a slave and a slave owner can come together… this is the kind of love and forgiveness we see in scripture, but it’s a powerful thing when we get to see it in person, in real life.”

For Will Ford, his participation in events like this allows him to find solace in helping to answer a prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17: “Father, make them one…” However, he sees this as a only a part of his greater heart and passion.

“It’s more than just holding hands and singing kumbaya. My heart is to see revival in America,” Ford stated.

Prophetic Transformation is set for 7:00 pm at Crosby Commons.

The event is brought to you in part by the following pastors:

Bro. Vernon Davis, Bro. Donald Hart, Bro. Dan Young, Bro. Darrell WorleyBro. David Meeks,

Rev. Stubbs,Bro. Allen Hickman,Bro. Vernon Robinson,Bro. Presley,Bro. Harvey Bernard,Bro. David Simmons,Bro. Josh Braddy, Bro. Carl Flowers, and others who plan to participate.


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