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Supervisors adopt FY2019 budget

The Pearl River County Board of Supervisors adopted their budget for fiscal year ending 2019 during a public hearing last week.

Board Secretary Cindy Lee at des;, (L-R on podium) Donald Hart, Malcolm Perry, Adrain Lumpkin, Sandy Kane Smith, Farron Moeller, and Hudson Holliday.

County Administrator Adrain Lumpkin noted the amount of money spent for public safety ($8,204,400) and public works ($6,756,380) which is critical to keep the county running on a daily basis while protecting the people of the county and providing the services needed.

Lumpkin stated that the board was able to avoid raising taxes and still be able to build the new court annex building, which many questioned if it was possible.

The approved budget and the tax levy are shown below. Note that the city of Picayune will receive the millage request from the Picayune School District and set that amount and it is not included on this list.


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