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Counterfeit bills discovered by local business

Picayune Police Department Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri wants to warn the public about the possibility that someone may try to pass counterfeit U.S. Currency of $100 bills.

Magri said the Police Department became aware of the situation when a business in Picayune notified the Police Department on Wednesday around 9:42am. An officer was dispatched to the business and personnel at the business said a Hispanic male entered their business and wanted to exchange four $100 bills for smaller bills of U.S. Currency. An employee exchanged the bills for the suspect.

Later, when the manager of the business was counting the money from the sales register, she discovered the counterfeit bills. The bills were stamped “MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY”.

Everyone is reminded take a few extra seconds to look on the back of those bills they would see the difference. And if you compare the size, the length and the color it looks even accurate with the watermark but then across the top of the bill here, motion picture use only across the top.

Magri stated that at this time there are no known suspects in this case.


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