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Picayune School Board of Trustees meeting summary

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Picayune School District Board of Trustees, the board covered a number of routine agenda items, opening of bids, and general updates.

The board opened bids for the replacement units for heat pumps split A/C units and took all three bids under advisement per recommendation of Assistant Superintendent Brent Harrell, until the bids can be verified.

In regards to providing fresh produce to the district, the district received only one bid and that was from Four Seasons Produce, Inc. The bid seemed to be confusing to decipher when Walt Esslinger, Support Services Director and Athletic Director, opened the packet.

As Esslinger tried to find a price for the bid in the packet from the bidder, Board President Frank Ford asked Harrell if the bidders are given specific instructions on how to prepare their bid response, such as instructions on how to present a final tabulation?

Harrell responded that he wasn’t sure and he would have to ask Lisa Persick (District Finance Director), who was absent from the meeting. Esslinger finally concluded that the bid was prepared on a unit price per item. Ford asked again if this was the only bid and Esslinger responded yes and Harrell added that the bidder was a reputable company.

Ford then asked if the recommendation from Harrell was to take the bid under advisement and board member Edward Stubbs questioned if the district had used the bidder before?

Harrell responded, “Not that I’m aware of, but they are a reputable company. The company we had been using would only deliver on Friday and we had a lot of spoiled (produce) and this company (Four Seasons) will deliver when we need them to and it’s individually priced.”

Ford asked Harrell if the district could take the Four Seasons bid under advisement and go back and check the pricing against what the district paid last year? Harrell said they can, but they will have to have another meeting before August because they will need to have fresh fruit and vegetables for the cafeteria for August (when school begins). Ford said he was fine with that because he wanted make sure the prices in the bid were within the range of the previous vendor. The board approved a motion to take the bid under advisement and have Harrell compare pricing.

Under agenda item 7a Consider Consent Items -Amended Budget and Financial Statement, board member David Mooneyhan asked Harrell “What is the amended part of this?” Harrell responded that he could not answer specifically because there are several of them that will be amended. Ford asked that this item be tabled until the next board meeting to allow the board time to ask specific questions about the amended budgets.

The district received a grant in the amount of $559,705.00 from the Early Head Start One-Time Supplement Grant program.

In lieu of the district’s opening for a head coach in boys varsity basketball due to the final results (uphold termination) of the Kelton Thompson hearing, WRJW News asked the board if the job opening would be posted or will a hire be made from within?

Harrell responded, “A decision has not been made at this point.” Harrell indicated there would be an update at the next board meeting.

The board went into Executive Session to receive the final report for Third Grade Reading Results for 2017/2018 school year.

The next board meeting is scheduled for August 14th, but the board will most likely have a special called meeting before then to decide the fresh produce bid.


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