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Supervisors hear update on road work

During Monday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, the board covered a short list of routine items on the agenda and received an update on road work in the county.

Road Manager Charlie Schielder brought a request to the board for approval to assist two schools in the Picayune School District with labor and machinery assistance at Southside Elementary and Roseland Park Elementary.

Southside has a section of asphalt approximately 50 feet long where the buses come onto the campus that needs some work. Schielder told the board that the school district will pay for the asphalt if the city can assist them. The board approved the request to assist with the work at Southside.

Schielder also told the board that the school district may ask for assistance later this month when they (the school district) tear down an old house to make room for a parking lot. Schielder said he will stay in contact with the school when the time arrives to see if it is possible to assist them, but he said he made it clear to the school system that his first priority is the county roads and if his department can assist, they will with approval from the board.

County Engineer Les Dungan (above right) gave the board on update on the county wide paving project. He told the board the contractor started last week and would be finishing up Barth Road this week and the project did come in on budget with the estimate being $140,000.00 and the actual cost coming in at approximately $138,000.00.

Dungan said the contractor is mobilizing equipment and work should be ready to begin in the North Hill subdivision in Carriere and Oak Hill Fords Creek Road in the Poplarville area. He also told the board that he is anticipating some extra work will be needed on Derby Whitesand Road.

Dungan told the board that work on Harry Sones Road has begun to repair the bridge. The contractor is getting ready to drive pilings and traffic is currently limited to local residents, but the road will soon be closed completely as soon as the utility company adjusts the power lines in regards to the project. Dungan said he is working with the county road department to put a temporary detour bridge in place on Shenandoah Road in order to prepare for the rehabilitation of the bridge on that road and they will be working to put a diversion road in place over the next couple of months.

Dungan said he has looked at several alternatives for the air conditioning system at the jail and will soon have a report for the board. According to Dungan, the system was installed around 2003-2004 timeframe.

The Board of Supervisors' next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 18th.


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