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Picayune Police stop 18 wheeler on I-59 after dangerous pursuit

On Tuesday, Picayune Police took over the pursuit of a 18-wheeler on Interstate 59 that resulted in the arrest of a New Orleans man for drug related charges according to Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Magri.

Magri said the chase began in Pearl River, LA, and when the driver crossed into Mississippi, Picayune Police officers were dispatched to join and eventually take over the chase around exit 4 in Picayune at 9:10am. Magri said the 18 wheeler was swerving erratically from one side of the road to the other, refusing to stop, and changing the speed of the vehicle up and down between 25 and 50 mph repeatedly while continuing to drive in a northbound direction.

When the vehicle reached mile marker 6 at the North Picayune exit, officers blocked off the on-ramp to keep vehicles from entering the interstate and keeping them away from the dangerous situation. Magri stated that around this time, the Pearl River County Sheriff deputies joined in the chase.

A short time later, Magri said the vehicle left the road near mile marker 9 when the driver swerved off the right side of the interstate, almost losing control and flipping the 18 wheeler, before the vehicle came back onto the shoulder. Officers were able to get the driver to stop the vehicle.

At this time, the driver was ordered out of the vehicle, but he refused. Officers were able to get into the vehicle through the passenger side and then able to get the driver’s side open and take the driver into custody. The driver was identified as Frank Williams Jr., 52, 3103 Cherry St., New Orleans, LA..

During a search of the vehicle, officers found a blue grinder with a green leafy substance inside believed to be marijuana and a small pile of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana beside the grinder. Upon a check of Williams’ driver’s license, it was learned that it was suspended.

While speaking with Williams when he was being taken into custody, officers observed him to be incoherent and believed Williams was under the influence of some type of controlled substance. Williams was offered several field sobriety tests and as a result of that, he was taken into custody. He was offered a blood test, which he refused.

At this time, Magri said Williams was transported to the Picayune Criminal Justice Center where he was booked and incarcerated for DUI first offense-refused test, Driving While License Suspended, Reckless Driving, Failure to Yield to Blue Lights and Sirens, and Possession of Marijuana in a motor vehicle.


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