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Update on 'skimmers' in Pearl River County

Both the Picayune Police Department (PPD) and the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office (PRCSO) have confirmed that skimmers have been active in the area at a number of local businesses. Both have also received calls and have taken reports from consumers concerning the fraudulent activity.

Both the PPD and PRCSO remind consumers who have been impacted by skimmers to file a report immediately as soon as you aware you have been impacted.

A few suggestions for consumers include:

1. If possible, avoid using a debit card when possible, and pay cash. Credit card companies give the consumers some relief and protection against fraud such as skimmers. Also, this does not give the skimmers direct access to the cash (checking and savings accounts) of the impacted consumer.

2. When a device (gas pump, ATM, or similar) is located outside of a banking institution or a business, these are more likely to be a target of skimmers because of the ability to place a skimming apparatus over a device without anyone watching them do so is easier. A telling sign on a device that may have been compromised is the appearance of the reader being loose.

3. If you notice a device appears to be tampered with or for some reason, does not appear to normal, do not use the machine and contact law enforcement immediately.

Both the PPD and PRCSO state this is an ongoing investigation and the authorities are reviewing information received. Consumers are reminded to call or come by the appropriate law enforcement authorities.


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