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Two local women were arrested for numerous charges

In a press release, Picayune Police Department Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri said that two local women were recently arrested for numerous illegal drug charges while one of them was apparently in charge of care for two elderly men.

Magri’s press release states that on June 12, 2018, at approximately 7:41pm, the Picayune Police Narcotics Division and the Picayune Police Patrol Division executed a search warrant at 316 Moody Street in reference to several community complaints of suspicious drug activity.

Upon making entry into the residence, Narcotic Detectives located a suspect, Alecia Quick Stockstill, age 49, in the upstairs bedroom of the residence. Upon conducting a search of Stockstill, Detectives located a large piece of tin foil which contained a large amount of pills identified to be Clonazepam, a Schedule IV narcotice, inside her front right shorts pocket. Patrol Officers detained an additional suspect, identified as Tina Robin Joles, age 56, outside in the front yard of the residence according to Magri.

Alecia Quick Stockstill Tina Robin Joles

While conducting a search of the residence, Detectives located a glass pipe and a metal grinder, with both of them containing a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana. The items were found on an end table in the bedroom. Detectives also found several cut straws near a powdery substance believed to be crushed-up Oxycodene (30 milligram) on a table in the living room. The straws are commonly used to snort illegal narcotics.

Magri’s release states that Detectives also located two older, vulnerable adult males who were on bed rest for Hospice in the residence. It was learned that Joles was the caretaker for the two adult males and that the Clozapam was taken out of the two adult males medication bottles by Joles, which was later transferred to Stockstill for distribution purposes.

The Department of Human Services was notified and Triple A ambulance services were dispatched to the residence for the two male adults. When Triple A arrived on the scene, they removed the two male adults from the residence and transported them to Highland Community Hospital in Picayune for observation.

Magri’s release states that Joles was placed under arrest for Transfer of a Controlled Substance Within 1500 feet of a Church, two counts of Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult, Possession of a Controlled Substance (misdemeanor), and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Stockstill was placed under arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance With Intent to Distribute Within 1500 Feet of a Church, Possession of a Controlled Substance (misdemeanor), and Possession of Paraphernalia.

Both Joles and Stockstill were transported to the Criminal Justice Center, booked, and incarcerated on the said charges according to Magri.


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