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Fire insurance rating should improve soon for Millard residents

There is some good news for Pearl River County residents living in the Millard area that should save them some money. The newly constructed fire station at the intersection of Savannah Millard Road and Langnecker Road is nearing completion with the final touches being put in place.

This new fire station, located just west of the Pearl River County jail, will house a Class A Pumper fire truck according to Danny Manley, Emergency Management Director and Fire Services Coordinator.

“The residents in the area were over five miles from McNeill’s fire station, so they were not receiving a Class 7 fire rating, but instead were receiving a Class 10 fire rating. Now, they should be in a Class 7 fire rating which should significantly decrease the cost of their fire insurance,” said Manley.

Manley pointed out that it is the responsibility of the homeowner to reach out to their insurance provider to ensure that the homeowner can get the best possible rate for their fire coverage


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