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PRCC Film and Video Technology Curriculum creating many opportunities for graduates

Because of the growth of the film industry in the southern states, there has been a need to provide local craftspeople who are trained in the standards of film production in place of importing people from out of state. Since part of building a local film industry is providing a viable production infrastructure, which includes trained and knowledgeable people to man film production crews, the state of Mississippi’s film industry is currently handicapped in its ability to attract large revenue producing films to the state because of this lack.

Pearl River Community College continues to be an educational innovator by providing a superior trained workforce to the state’s industries and businesses and now includes a Film and Video Technology Program in its offerings.

Pearl River Community College has provided a class under it’s College Publications banner in the area of film production since 2008. This hands-on class has successfully worked with a production program, Healthy People Now! Productions ( that has produced more than 40 short films for schools, counselors, and healthcare providers.

The graduates of the class are finding employment in the film and video industry and working on movie productions in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

The class has prepared other students for a four year degree in Film Arts at the University of New Orleans, as well as helping prepare other students for completion of a four-year degree in broadcast journalism at the University of Southern Mississippi.

The curriculum is shown below:


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