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Search warrant leads to arrest of a Picayune man for illegal narcotics

After receiving several community complaints of alleged illegal narcotic sales and distribution at a local residence, the Picayune Police Narcotics Division, Picayune Police Patrol Division, Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division, and a K-9 unit executed a search warrant that led to an arrest, according to a press release from Picayune Police Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri.

Magri’s release states that the combined agencies went to 203 Cottonwood Street in Picayune on May 14 at around 7:20pm, and when they arrived, they located the suspect, Devin Ketchens, a.k.a “Katalys” pronounced “Kat-A-Liss”, standing in the front yard of the residence. Ketchens, age 37, of the same address, was detained by the officers without incident.

Upon entering the residence, narcotic detectives found a pile of a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana next to several clear plastic bags along with several torn corners of the bags containing a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana sitting on a desk that was in a homemade recording studio. Narcotic detectives also located several brown hand-rolled cigars containing a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana in the trash can next to the desk in the recording studio.

A further search of the residence revealed a black digital scale containing a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana adjacent to additional clear plastic bags on the kitchen counter. Detectives also found a loaded Glock 40 caliber handgun along with four loaded magazines of ammuntion in the master bedroom on the bed. Both the firearm and magazines (ammunition) were seized due to being in close proximity of the illegal narcotics according to Magri’s release.

Ketchens was placed under arrest for Possession of a Control Substance with Intent to Distribute While in Possession of a Firearm. He was transported to the Criminal Justice Center, booked, and incarcerated.


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