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Supervisors vote on tax exemptions for local companies

During Monday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors, Tax Assessor/Collector Gary Beech brought the board two requests from Drying Facility Assets Holding, LLC, for an ad valorem tax exemption extension request (seven years left on the extension) and an application for ad valorem tax exemption for expansion.

The Board voted in 4-1 in favor of the first request with Board President Sandy Kane Smith voting no on the first request. Smith explained his reasons for his no vote on the first request.

“My reason for voting no on the exemption for the sand plant was based on them being an existing business, and after they had been here a few years, they wanted an exemption. When they first came here, they said they didn’t want any government help,” Smith explained.

Smith added, “That has stuck in the back of my mind, and all of sudden they wanted help, that’s why I voted against the first exemption extension request. The second request, I support because it was an expansion of an existing business already here, and that met the criteria as far as I’m concerned as an elected official. I support the expansion of companies.”

The board voted 5-0 to approve the request related to the expansion activities.

The requests will now go to the state for approval as set forth in state bill No. 3021 for determination if it meets the criteria

Beech also presented a request from Avon Engineered Fabrications (AEF) for Freeport Warehouse License Request. Mississippi law allows eligible warehouses, public or private, a license to operate as a free port warehouse and be exempted from all ad valorem taxes on personal property shipped out of state. The license and the approval for the free port warehouse exemption are executed by the local governing authorities (county or municipality).

Beech explained that with this in effect, the county would not charge AEF inventory tax on goods they manufacture and store in a warehouse that are later sold and shipped out of state. Beech said this will also be applicable to any raw materials that AEF brings in to use would be tax exempt. The board voted 5-0 to approve the request.

District 4 Supervisor Farron Moeller, Mallory Lee, District 2 Supervisor Malcolm Perry, Savannah Byrd, and District 1 Supervisor Donald Hart

Also during the meeting, the board recognized two students, Savannah Byrd of Picayune Memorial High School, and Mallory Lee, of Pearl River Central High School, who are recipients of $750.00 scholarships from the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development to attend Pearl River Community College.


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