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Unofficial results look good for PRC school bond referendum to pass

Pearl River County School District residents voted Tuesday on the proposed bond referendum to spend $18.4 million on improvements to the school district. The unofficial vote was as follows:

Of the 10,808 registered voters in PRC school district, there were 1,602 votes cast (14.82%).

The votes in favor of the bond referendum were 1,003 (62.61%) to 599 votes (37.39%) against.

The referendum needs 60% in favor for passage.

There are 75 affidavit ballots that will be processed on Wednesday.

Superintendent Alan Lumpkin was excited, but guarded, when he received the results from Circuit Clerk Nance Stokes.

“We are excited, but I don’t want to say anything until it’s official,” Lumpkin shared with WRJW radio at the district’s board room while surrounded by the district Board of Trustees and many others from the central office staff.


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