Elizabeth Barrois Named Picayune’s Star Student

Since the ACT’s introduction in 1959, it has become a benchmark for academic success in high schools across the country. In an effort to recognize this rigorous test’s importance for college entry and scholarships, Picayune Memorial High School rewards the top ACT score of the year with the Star Student Award.

This year’s Star Student goes to Elizabeth Barrois. Elizabeth scored a 33 on her ACT, putting her in the 98th percentile of students in the country.

“I was really excited to get the award,” said Barrois.

However, the award did not come without a healthy share of difficulty.

Elizabeth took the test 7 times and even spent numerous hours in preparation.

“I took prep course after prep course for months and even through the summer to be ready for it,” she explained.

Being a timed test, Elizabeth offered that the hardest part was just finishing.

“You know the clock is ticking and you’re just trying to make sure that you put an educated answer for each question.”

Thankfully, her hard work paid off. Elizabeth will graduate with above a 100 grade point average and plans to attend Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. She was one of the few to receive a Top 5 scholarship, which requires application and an interview.

She plans to major in biochemistry and pursue medical school. After medical school her dream is to conduct research in pediatric neurology to find cures for childhood development disorders.


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