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Two Picayune Fire Fighters Receive Promotions

Two Picayune Fire Fighters began serving in their new roles this week after recently receiving promotions.

Otis Mitchell and Jason Hunt were both promoted to new positions after serving the Picayune Fire Department for many years.

Mitchell, who was hired in 2001, was promoted to Fire Captain. He has been serving as lieutenant at fire station three but will now be serving at Fire Station One on Adcox Road.

Hunt was hired by the Picayune Fire Department in 2006 and served at the central station on Loftin Road. He was promoted to Lieutenant and will now be at Station Three.

In a public statement, City Manager Jim Luke congratulated Mitchell and Hunt and thanked both men for their many years of service to the City of Picayune.

Fire Chief Keith Brown also congratulated Hunt and Mitchell on their promotions and said it’s always encouraging to move well deserving officers up.

“I would like to congratulate both of these men. They have worked hard to get to these positions,” Brown said. “I know they will continue to show their great leadership qualities to many others.”


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