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Hearing set for property being used for illegal dump site

During this week’s Board of Supervisors meetimg, Pearl River County Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer Kolby Davis told the board that he had attempted to reach out to the owners of a property on Richardson-Ozona Road that is being used as an illegal dump site.

The property (pictured below) is located at the intersection of Richardson Road and Richardson Ozona Road.

According to Davis, the property is a vacant parcel of land and the owners' live in Hattiesburg. Davis said he does not believe the owners of the property are dumping trash on the property. Davis said the litter officer had found trash on the property with names and addresses, but he has not been able to locate the people whose names were found on the trash. He said if the people whose names are on the trash are located, those people could be forced to clean up the property which could save the county the time and expense of doing it.

Davis made a request to the board for approval to advertise and hold a public hearing on May 24th for the maintenance of the property and possibly adjudicate the property. The board approved his request.

Davis stated that he has a list of other properties that need possible action from the board, but this property has become a nuisance and needed immediate attention.


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