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Supervisors get updates on bridges and voter cards

During Wednesday's meeting of the Board of Supervisors, County Engineer Les Dungan made a request to approve payment to two contractors for worked recently completed on two county bridges. MDB Holdings, LLC replaced three wood pilings on the Olive Church Road bridge at a cost of $14,850.00. Holliday Construction, LLC built a new support structure using railroad box car culverts on a Homer Ladner Road at a cost of $67,353.50.

Dungan (pictured) gave the board an update on other bridge related projects.

He said that the Otis Jones bridge is open to traffic by using a gravel surface until the paving is completed. The delay of finishing the paving for the project has delayed due to the recent heavy rains.

The work on Progress -Silver Run Road, which has two bridges to be repaired, is underway and the contractor is still driving pilings on the first site of the two sites.

Dungan said that he and board attorney Joe Montgomery are very close to having easements in place for bridge work on Harry Sones and Sones Chapel Road.

The Homer Ladner Road bridge work, initially programmed for state aid, was just recently completed due to bridge needing immediate repairs after being placed on the state’s closure list. Dungan said that program funding needs to be cancelled in order to allow the county to reallocate the funds to another site. Dungan said that he had not yet identified the site for reallocation of the funds. The board executed the letter prepared by Dungan for this purpose.

Dungan told the board that he has been looking into a number of drainage concerns recently. Four areas that Dungan listed included North Hill subdivision, the intersection of Old Highway 11 and Highway 11, Round Rock subdivision, and 752 John Amacker Road. On the John Amacker Road location, Dungan said his initial investigation indicates that the culverts are undersized.

Road Manager Charlie Schielder ask the board to accept a bid from Railroad Yard, Inc. $11,025.00 for two rail car culverts to be kept on hand by the county in order to be able to respond quickly should the need arise to repair a county bridge where this type of culvert will be utilized.

Pearl River County Circuit Clerk, Nance Fitzpatrick Stokes (pictured), informed the Board of Supervisors that new voter registration cards were sent out this week to 16,000 voters in Pearl River County. These new registration cards, which were sent to nearly half of Pearl River County voters, explain the changes made to precinct locations and how voters can find their new voting location.

The crux of this change was consolidating the county’s 32 precincts, therefore reducing the number of locations to 20.

Also during the meeting, the board reappointed Lucien Roberson to the Pearl River County Hospital Board.


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