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Picayune school board hears update on district's PREPS awards

At yesterday’s meeting of the Picayune School Board of Trustees, Mary Williams, Director of Curriculum and Testing, and Federal Programs, presented the Board of Trustees with some good news on the Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools (PREPS) Value Added Awards Program.

PREPS identifies high performing schools among Mississippi districts. The program began in June 1997 and allows for valid comparisons of educational performance on the prior year’s state testing while taking into account the impact of differences in the socioeconomic background of the students considered in the research.

Each school selected is deemed as adding value to their school and considered to be performing significantly better than schools with comparable socioeconomic circumstances.

This year for Congressional District 4, Picayune School District received six (6) Value Added Awards:

South Side Upper Elementary received an award for English Language Arts. Teachers recognized along with Principal Debbie Smith were Shayla Goss, Kevin Jackson, Patti Jackson, and Peggy Williams.

Peggy Williams, Patti Jackson, Principal Debbie Smith, Kevin Jackson, Shayla Goss, Superintendent Dean Shaw

Picayune Jr. High School received an award for Mathematics. Teachers recognized were Ellen Fox and Melissa Burge (pictured left).

Picayune Memorial High School (PMHS) received multiple awards including:

For Algebra I — teachers recognized were Barbara Skinner, Amanda Feeley, Cooper Esslinger, and Tiffany Dillard.

Barbara Skinner, Amanda Feeley, Principal Kent Kirkland, Cooper Esslinger, Tiffany Dillard, and Superintendent Dean Shaw

For Biology I (1)— teachers recognized were Brian Edwards & Carmen Herrington. (pictured above in middle)

For U.S. History--- teachers recognized were Glenn Mitchell & Tommy Tucei (pictured below in middle)

For English II — teachers recognized were Bette LaVigne, Jennifer Hanberry, Jessica Waterman , & Allison Riser (pictured above with Kirkland & Shaw)

Picayune School District also received a “Special” Recognition Value Added that was awarded for adding value in all subject areas at Picayune Memorial High School.

PMHS Assistant Principal Pat Smith, Principal Kent Kirkland, Superintendent Dean Shaw

The board also elected new officers for the coming year. Frank Ford will remain President, Jake Smith will be Vice-President, Edward Stubbs will once again serve as Secretary, and Josh Robertson will be 2nd Secretary.


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