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WRJW smart phone app tutorial for listening to Picayune or Pearl River Central baseball

With the baseball region games beginning for Picayune and Pearl River Central, WRJW wants to give the opportunity to follow both teams from our WRJW smart phone app.

The instructions are shown below.

Also, when both teams are playing on Tuesday and Friday region games, we will in most cases put the team on the road on radio as well as the app. If we decide to switch to the other game on the radio, the individual stream will not be interrupted.

Also, home or away, you can listen live on FM 91.1 to hear the game in the vicinity of the ball park.

Any questions, send us an email at

Once the app launches

and you here audio,

if you want to switch

to a different game,

push the pause button

at bottom of your screen.

When the audio stops

(pauses), select the

menu at upper left.

From the menu options,

select BASEBALL.

At the top of the page, you will see links to either the Picayune or Pearl River Central game audio stream.


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