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Resident claims his vehicle was stolen, but video does not support his claim

A Picayune man filed a report that his vehicle was stolen at Walmart, but through the review of video surveillance footage, Picayune Police were able to determine the claim was unfounded and false according to a press release from Picayune Police Department Assistant Chief Jeremy Magri.

The incident started on February 7th at around noon when Eddie R. Trapani,

age 61, 24881 Highway 43 South, Picayune, called Picayune Police saying that he was at Walmart and someone had stolen his 2005 gold Nissan Xterra. Upon arrival at the scene, officers and detectives spoke to Trapani and he told them he arrived at the Walmart parking lot and parked in the front of the row on row seven. Trapani said that he went inside of the store for about a half hour, and when came out of the store, he discovered that his vehicle was gone.

Detectives and Walmart’s Loss Prevention Office viewed video of Trapani entering the parking lot in a silver two door SUV with a sunroof, which was not the vehicle he claimed to have come in, and he had reported as stolen. The vehicle turned out row nine and headed to the back of the parking lot and parked in a parking space. Detectives watched the video that showed Trapani exiting the silver SUV from the passenger side front door and walk towards the front entrance (pharmacy side) of Walmart. Detectives continued to watch the silver SUV exit the parking space and parking lot before Trapani made it to the front door of the store.

Detectives continued to watch the video and never observed the gold Nissan Xterra enter the parking lot, nor did they observe the vehicle parked where Trapani claimed it was parked that morning. It was learned, through further investigation, that Trapani made a claim with a local insurance agent just hours after he reported the vehicle stolen according to the press release.

Due to Trapani never entering the parking lot of Walmart in the Nissan Xterra, he was arrested by detectives for False Report of a Crime and Felony False Pretense for fraudulently making an insurance claim on a crime that did not occur.

It was also discovered that Trapani created a Facebook post (screen shot shown above) where he posted information about his claim of the theft of his vehicle. The post by Trapani had over 500 shares.


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