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City Manager addresses Goodyear Railroad Crossing

Photo from Jan.16 when repairs began. Crossing is currently open.

Picayune- The Goodyear Boulevard Railroad Crossing has been under construction for several weeks.

Officials from City Hall said that they have received several complaints about the crossing recently. In response City Hall has said that railroad and rail crossings are not the property of the City of Picayune, nor are they maintained by the City.

Railroad maintenance is the responsibility of Norfolk Southern. Crews from Norfolk Southern started the first series of repairs that left the crossing in its current state. Norfolk Southern will be sending another crew as soon to handle the rest of the repair process.

"I have been in contact with representatives from Norfolk Southern about this Crossing and they have indicated to me that the necessary work crew will be here soon to finish the repairs," City Manager Jim Luke said in a statement Facebook. "We understand the inconvenience these things cause and we appreciate your patience in navigating through this area. Please take precaution when traveling over this crossing."

*Photo above is from Jan.16 when repairs began. Crossing is currently not closed!*


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