MDE Releases School, District Performance Grades for 2016-17 School Year

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, the Mississippi Department of Education released its District Report Cards for school year 2016-2017. Statewide, district grades for 2016-17 include 15 “A” districts, 43 “B” districts, 43 “C” districts, 36 “D” districts, and 9 “F” districts.

Locally, the Poplarville Separate School District is once again rated an A district after slipping to a B in the previous year’s report. The Pearl River County School District and Hancock County School District both remained a B rated school, while Picayune slipped to a C rating after receiving a B in the previous year’s reporting.

Poplarville led the way for local schools with a Graduation Rate of 90 percent. Pearl River County was at 84.1 percent, Hancock was at 79.9 percent, and Picayune was at 71 percent.

Poplarville had the lowest dropout rate at 5 percent, while Pearl River County was at 10.6 percent and Hancock was at 11.4 percent. Picayune’s rate was 18.8 percent.

Poplarville ranked in the top ten in the state of Mississippi in total points rating system

Note: Table compiled from data in the MDE reports.

Dropout rates:

Poplarville Separate School District 5.0%

Pearl River County School District 10.6%

Hancock County School District 11.4%

Picayune School District 18.8%

Graduation rates:

Poplarville Separate School District 90.0%

Pearl River County School District 84.1%

Hancock County School District 79.9%

Picayune School District 71.0%

Top 10 Districts with the Highest Graduation Rates for Students with Disabilities:

Pearl River County School District was tied for 4th statewide with 60.7%

Poplarville Separate School District 43.5%

Hancock County School District 27.6%

Picayune School District 21.6%

District Total Points

1 Petal School District 734

2 tie Oxford School District 705

2 tie Booneville School District 705

4 Enterprise School District 701

5 Ocean Springs School District 690

6 Clinton Public School District 689

6 Lamar County School District 688

7 Poplarville Separate School District 686

8 Biloxi Public School District 685

9 Madison County School District 685


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