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Picayune School Board recognizes teachers of the year for district

At last night’s Picayune School Board of Trustees’ meeting, the district recognized their teachers of the year for 2017-2018 school year and also got some encouraging news from the junior high on improved behavior.

Jill Smith, Assistant Director of Federal Programs and Curriculum, provided details on what each nominated teacher had to complete as part of the recognition program.

“Each teacher of the year may be selected by the administration, by their colleagues, or by their peers . But however they are selected, every teacher that is selected is chosen by their outstanding capabilities within their classroom and their school campuses, they strive to inspire their students and others, and are active within their churches or communities”, said Smith.

Smith told the board that the teachers chosen for their respective schools within the district, have to do the following as part of the selection process for district teacher of the year: Submit a resume, a professional biography, obtain three letters of support from their principal, a colleague, or someone in the community, and can even be from a student. They must complete a questionnaire as well.

The selections for each school in the district are as follows:

  • Nicholson Elementary- Michelle Carter

  • Roseland Park Elementary-John Lopez

  • Southside Lower Elementary- Erin Clement

  • Southside Upper Elementary- Jade Carpenter

  • Westside Elementary- Diana Bentley

  • Picayune Jr. High – Kimberly Hart

  • Picayune Sr. High – Pamela Fields

Michelle Carter was also chosen as the Teacher of the Year for the district.

Nicholson Asst Principal Lisa Howie, Patrick Rutherford, Michelle Carter, Superintendent Dean Shaw

Nicholson Principal Patrick Rutherford, Michelle Carter, Superintendent Dean Shaw

Roseland Park Principal Kim Massengale, John Lopez,Superintendent Dean Shaw

Southside Upper Principal Debbie Smith, Erin Clement, Superintendent Dean Shaw

Southside Lower Principal Christie Pinero, Jade Carpenter, Superintendent Dean Shaw

Westside Principal Kerri Wilder, Diana Bentley, Superintendent Dean Shaw

PJHS Principal Gen Breeland, Kimberly Hart, Superintendent Dean Shaw

PMHS Principal Kent Kirkland, Pamela Fields, Superintendent Dean Shaw

Junior High Principal Gen Breeland presents his report on behavior progress

Gen Breeland, in his first year as principal of Picayune Jr High, gave a report to the board on a comparative data analysis that he performed with assistance from records clerk, Ms. Sandy Criswell. The report used the first 90 days of this school year and the same period from the previous year on out of school suspensions. Breeland used the data to point out the progress being made in student’s behavior and actions.

“I thought I was going to get a comparison report, but it turned out to be a contrast report. I was very excited, “ Breeland said on the findings.

Breeland’s data showed that during the same time period last year, there were 39 reported fights compared to just 8 this school year. The school has gone from 82 total suspensions to 65, which is an 80 percent decrease in fighting and almost 21 percent reduction in overall out of school suspensions. Breeland noted this data incorporates every 7th and 8th grades students in both the junior high and the center for alternative education.

Also during the meeting, Superintendent Dean Shaw thanked Dr. Lori Blackmeer for her service on the school board. This was her last meeting and she will be replaced by Mr. David Mooneyhan.


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