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More parking coming to downtown Picayune

In the very near future, if you come to historic downtown Picayune near West Canal, you may find some extra parking spaces available for you to use whether you are shopping, dining, banking, attending a parade, a Main Street Association event, or have a need to visit city hall to conduct business.

City of Picayune Director of Public Works Eric Morris told WRJW News that he hopes to have approximately 15 parking spaces ready for use very soon at the corner of Rester Street and Williams Ave.

“Until we have contributors, grant money, or a funding source other than the city budget, we will leave it a limestone base. Our plan is to enhance it as much as funds will allow. We are going to do sidewalk rehabilitation on the east side of the lot along Rester Street. We will install some simple concrete parking bumpers and labeling of the entrance and exit. We will make use of the existing drive that was used to service the previous business that was there,” Morris explained.

Morris said this lot will be convenient for city hall employees, shoppers, event attendees, and also allows quick access to banks and restaurants in the area as well.


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