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Three takeaways from Monday's Pearl River County Board of Supervisors meeting

County Administrator Adrain Lumpkin

Here are three takeaways from yesterday’s meeting of the Pearl River County Board of Supervisors.

1. Carlie Davis, founder of newly formed and Poplarville-based Solace Hospice, came before the board to introduce his new business and to provide some insight about his approach to delivering hospice services. Davis told the Board that the state of Mississippi had a moratorium on hospices, but recently opened up a window of 14 days and Solace was fortunate to be one of four companies who were awarded a license. Davis said many people told him to open his business on the coast simply because of the large number of people will make your business successful. But Davis explained that for him, it was more about coming home. Pearl River County is home. Davis told about his wife’s 14 years of experience providing care in Louisiana having worked over 1,000 cases and their desire to help people. Davis said that many people think that hospice is for people in their last days of life, but in fact, people could stay on hospice for years. Davis said it depends on the person’s terminal illness and how it affects the individual. He explained that his intention for Solace to be recognized as a local provider, with local employees, paying local taxes. He told the Board that Solace has now contracted with the local hospital to provide in-service at the hospital. In closing, Davis said, "We don’t want to be the biggest, we want to be best. Quality of life for a patient is our focus". Davis stated that Solace will provide a free care-giver university course to the public.

2. Building permits are a measurement of growth in the county’s economy. For the last month, the county issued 16 residential permits according to the last month’s report. There has been a steady number for months which indicates the building part of the housing market is healthy in the county.

3. Danny Joe Slade told the board that the animal shelter in Picayune is full and unless it is an emergency, they are not picking up dogs. Slade reported that he had written 7 citations in the last 6 weeks ranging from 6 illegal dumping and 1 lack of tarping of trash on a truck. Slade said that for the most part, the trash haulers are following the new rules. He said he has an instance out of Lumberton of a person who owns quick stops and convenience stores and who speaks very broken English that has not followed Slades’ directions and has dumped a lot of trash in the Gum Pond area on Otho Seals Road, Davis Road, and Thomas School Road. The person also owns a store in Nicholson and Slade is hopeful he will catch the person in Pearl River County. Slade said that he was able to trace the illegal dumping to this person because of address labels and the name of the stores were on cardboard boxes that were being dumped. Another problem came about this weekend at the Edson Davis place in Nicholson about some wild hogs that have caused a lot of damage to some yards.

WRJW News will more updates on the Board of Supervisor meeting over the next 4 days.


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